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Interpretation and root cause of moisture/RGA and hydrogen phenomenon failures in micro-systems readily provided.


Highly regarded expertise in the interpretation of RGA data as it relates to hermetic and non-hermetic electronic devices, subsystems and systems.


Over thirty-five years experience in the field of analytical chemistry and materials science in relation to micro-electronic devices, specifically:


· RGA interpretations

· Chemical/material failure analyses

· Process – materials inter-relationships

· Expert witness on chemical/materials failure analyses

· Moisture and hydrogen permeation of materials

· Process reviews for microelectronics manufacturing

· Design of Experiments to eliminate moisture and/or hydrogen

· MEMs, Opto-electronics, microwave, standard hybrid and discrete technologies



Schuessler Consulting is now making available a newly written and copy-righted soft bound text titled: "ASSESSMENT OF RGA FAILURES IN MICROELECTRONIC DEVICES". The volume consists of eleven chapters and 158 pages of history, related background, rationale and problems in the field of residual gas analysis. Final chapters help the reader to identify key components of a gas analysis report and to focus on what is important data as well as identifying worthless data. Chapter references, glossary and an index complete this work which allows for quick cross-referencing as one progresses through the various chapters.


Key issues, such as a lack of moisture standards, concerns over the natural desorption of hydrogen from base metals and platings, continuing chemistry and the potential for gold plate catalysis add to the factors of which the reader must be aware.


The author's unique position as having been the JEDEC task chairman that guided the RGA - TM1018 document through its coordination into a completed military test method allows the reader to gain insights as to why RGA is such an excellent analytical tool but still has its problems.


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